The Incarnated Dignity

Escrito por Grupo Planeta
Grupo Planeta
Grupo Planeta "Latin America Rights Catalogue 2015-2016"
  • A novel about love and the determination of woman that was born in Africa
  • Silvia Gurrola exhibits a world that has failed to build roads of equality and through her characters reflects on the roots of gender violence, intolerance and fear, but at the same time, provide a lesson of fortitude and love for life

With an unwavering will, and despite the terrible situations that she will face, Zubaida decides to transgress the customs of her people and bequeath a hopeful future for her children. This is the premise of “The Incarnated Dignity”, a heart-rending novel that offers insights into the heart of a Mozambique lacerated by hatred and discrimination.

Zubaida is determined to save her family, and Tina, a nurse who has begun a battle through the radio against femicide traditions of the black continent; both are the voices that portray the terrible conditions that women have to face in some parts of Africa.

Since 1994, Silvia has traveled to Mozambique, where her work began to lead international reproductive health programs and programs against HIV/AIDS. Her work has allowed to implement health programs in countries such as Armenia, Georgia, Ghana, Guyana, Honduras, Nigeria, Tanzania and Zambia.

La Dignidad Encarnada - book cover
352 pages / 43 chapters
Published: July 2014
Imprint: Planeta
ISBN: 978-607-07-2238-7